A few hours ago, Bitglass, the US cloud security broker, unveiled the results of its study called “The Cloudfathers: An Analysis of Cybersecurity in the Fortune 500” and related to the Fortune 500 companies’ report on cyber security.

Fortune 500 companies negligent about cybersecurity

To conduct its study, Bitglass relied primarily on the data it was able to collect on the websites of the different Fortune 500 companies.

Thus, 77% of these companies do not provide any indication as to the identity of the person responsible for ensuring computer security.

It must be said that in 38% of them, there is no Information Systems Security Officer (CISO).

Worse, in 22% of cases, not even a leader has been appointed to take charge of issues related to cybersecurity.

In the same vein, more than half of the Fortune 500 companies do not include any information on the privacy protection of customers and partners on their websites, except for legal notices.

This data clearly shows that even though data leaks can be costly for a company, not everything is implemented for optimal protection.

Significant disparities by sector of activity

The Bitglass study also shows that there are significant disparities among Fortune 500 companies, depending on the industry in which they operate.

In the transport industry, for example, 57% of companies name their safety manager, while only 8% do so in the hotel sector or 9% in the telecommunications sector.

Similarly, while in aerospace, 89% of companies present their data security policy collected from customers – 72% in finance and 66% in new technologies, they are only 25% to do so in the sector of hotel or building.