Joe Toscano, a design consultant who worked at Google until 2017, shared the unpleasant data collection experience that the Internet giant practices.

About two years ago, Toscano left Google due to “ethical disagreements.”

However, this year the specialist discovered the unpleasant nuances associated with the collection of data by the corporation and tracking users on the Web.

This summer, Toscano went to the “addresses” section of the Chrome browser (chrome: // settings / addresses).

The ex-employee found his data connecting him with his grandmother on my father’s line.

It should be borne in mind that my grandmother never had access to the Internet, but Google nevertheless somehow connected the two relatives.

But that is not all, the search giant had information linking Tuscany with his deceased grandfather on his mother’s side.

In March 2019, this man passed away and he also never had access to the Network.

Joe Toscano was very alarmed by this state of affairs.

Despite the fact that grandparents had never used the Internet in their lifetime, Google had their exact physical addresses and knew their middle names.

“I never entered this data myself, nor did anyone enter it from my account.  However, this information is for some reason related to my account. How did this happen? ” Explains Toscano.

“The only scheme that comes to my mind: grandfather passed this data to someone in real life, after which at some point they were sold to Google. However, another question arises here: how was this data associated with my account? ”

But Toscano is no less concerned about another nuance – that Google knows about the rest of his relatives.