In recent days, if you are present on social networks, you could not miss the FaceApp phenomenon, this morphing application that ages faces in a very realistic way. But here it is, its success has attracted crooks who offer a PRO version that looks like a real scam.

The Pro version of FaceApp at the base of a big scam

While many Internet users have been seduced by the quality of morphing proposed by the application FaceApp – or at least by the aging filter available for free – some are considering having more.

To do this, they simply need to subscribe to the app – or to acquire it – since a PRO version including many new filters is available in the official application stores. However, it will be impossible to obtain it without going to the checkout.

Indeed, small malignant may propose the opposite on the Web, FaceApp PRO is a paid version of the app to success. The attractive free, scammers can however bring down thousands of Internet users in their claws, and simply by promising the free download of FaceApp PRO.

Malicious apps downloaded without your knowledge

Those who sought the PRO version of the FaceApp application began their journey on a YouTube video or on a website that does not inspire confidence.

They then multiplied the clicks on “Download FaceApp PRO for free” links without necessarily realizing that with each click, they installed a malicious application on their mobile. It must be said that the crooks took care to use shorteners of links so that their action is difficult to detect.

However, in the end, those who wanted FaceApp PRO find themselves with the classic version of the app but also many fraudulent applications that have infected their mobile and will probably bombard your screen ads.

This will teach victims that we never download an application outside official catalogs. Already the Play Store is experiencing security problems , installing apps from unrecognized sites is a major risk.