While smartphones have emerged as the main targets of hackers in recent months, now Google security researchers have come to highlight many vulnerabilities affecting the Apple iPhone. Suffice to say that the teams of the brand at the apple will have to roll up their sleeves to provide solutions to the problems encountered.

iPhone: data not really safe

If Apple has developed a superb brand image over the years, it could be severely damaged by the findings made by security researchers working for Google’s Project Zero.

In the course of a survey they conducted, they would have detected no less than 14 vulnerabilities directly related to the browser of the iPhone, its iOS core and its two “sandbox escapes” if we believe a ticket published by Ian Beer, a hacker among this team of researchers.

By exploiting these flaws of the iPhone, a third party would have no difficulty in accessing the data contained in the mobile terminal but also to extract them to be able to freely exploit and store them.

For nearly two years, these vulnerabilities have been exploited, which is no longer the case today if users have taken care to patch their iPhone since February 2019.

Many websites siphoning data

While some flaws remain open for a long time without ever being exploited, it was not the case of those relating to the iPhone. Google researchers have actually identified many websites that siphoned the data contained in mobile terminals made in Apple.

Hackers did not target a specific audience because anyone connecting to a malicious site via an iPhone could be infected.

Indeed, a simple visit of the malicious site could lead to an attack of the exploitation server and the installation of a surveillance agent in charge of collecting data taken from your repertory, your messageries, your photo gallery or still your various applications.