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best medical billing software

Today we’re going to figure out the best medical billing software solution for you and your office or small practice. We check and compare every option’s pricing information and ratings – along with some frequently asked questions about each medical billing system.

What is a Medical Billing Software?

A medical billing software is a virtual device that helps you keep track of the bills for medical establishments such as facilities, hospitals, and even clinics, according to

This kind of software can automate billings directly to patients or their insurance providers.

It also helps in keeping track of the procedures being done to a certain patient.

Our Top Pick – SimplePractice

The clear-cut winner out of our 9 entries is SimplePractice, as it offers quite a lot of features along with a very easy to understand user interface.

SimplePractice is able to simplify advanced feature in their UI, making it easy to pull out information on bookings, multiple clinicians, claims status and tracking, the saved clients’ portals – all of which make any type of medical practice (no matter how large or small) feel more streamlined and organized.

Also, this winning medical billing software entry manages to easily let its users track documentation, insurance, scheduling (with free appointment reminders through voice, text, and e-mail), and billing in the simplest manner, not to mention the fact that it’s also offered in very affordable package rates.

Above everything, it’s strength relies on its ability to have paperless client intakes, which not only help in decreasing the need for space in medical facilities but also makes sure that any information needed would take only a click to find.

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9 Best Medical Billing Software of 2021:

  1. SimplePractice ($39/mo per user)
    It’s a trusty and easy to understand tool that can help aid any medical practice, no matter how large or small
    Official Site:
  2. CollaborateMD ($165/mo)
    The strength of this app relies more on it’s billing features, but it also manages to give quite a user-friendly interface
    Official Site:
  3. Advanced MD (per quote)
    It’s a great billing tool that requires no learning curve to use
    Official Site:
  4. DrChrono EHR ($199.99/mo)
    This platform offers help in medical billings but also manages to encapsulates EHR, RCM services, among other things.
    Official Site:
  5. EZClain Medical Billing ($139/mo per user)
    This jampacked tool comes with quite a lot of basic features making it a good choice
    Official Site:
  6. Greenway Health (PrimeSuite) ($20,000 one time fee)
    The strength of this tool is how customizable it is – making it apt for medical practictioners who have a specific type of workflow
    Official Site:
  7. NextGen Healthcare (per quote)
    This platform offers a very straightforward interface that offers customizable templates and a lot of tried and tested features
    Official Site:
  8. CureMD ($295/mo)
    This software may be easy to use, but its flaws and restrictions makes it feel quite limiting
    Official Site:
  9. eClinicalWorks ($499.99/mo per user)
    This platform offers great UI and key features at a very competitive price point
    Official Site:


What is a Medical Billing software?

This type of billing software is primarily used in medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics to help in making sure that the patient’s procedures are well tracked and that the patients or their insurance companies are billed accordingly.

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What are some of the best medical billing software to date?

SimplePractice, CollaborateMD, Advanced MD, DrChrono EHR, EZClaim Medical Billing, Greenway Health (PrimeSuite), NextGen Healthcare, CureMD, eClinicalWorks, TotalMD.

How costly is it to have a medical billing software?

There are actually some free options, but the software usually costs several hundred dollars per month.

Also, there are some software that only require a large one time fee

What are some Quickbooks-compatible medical billing software?

Some software that offer full QuickBooks integration are Harmony PSA and Kareo.

Both are able to instantaneously import account data directly to your Quick-books account.

Are on-premise billing solutions necessary?

Truth be told, web-based medical billing software has surpassed the need for on-premise billing solutions since they are cheaper, easier to use, and hassle-free.

Is there such software or platform that provides both medical billing and coding?

A customizable medical billing service is DrChrono EHR, as the platform allows for software developers to tinker with the DrChrono API to have the app be streamlined to the workflow of the healthcare operation.

The billing features along with other key features and traits can be expanded or added to as necessary, with the only limitation being your software developer’s capabilities.

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