At a time when North Korean pirates have gained a solid reputation, the United States has decided to implement several sanctions that aim to weaken them.

It is mainly the Andariel and Lazarus groups that are in the crosshairs of the Americans.

An action plan to undermine North Korean pirates

While North Korean hackers are hiding behind numerous large-scale computer attacks – and especially behind the Wannacry ransomware – it seems that some people can not let themselves be dominated.

This is the case of the United States, which took the initiative to lead the fight against these groups by revealing sanctions aimed at destabilizing them both organisationally and financially.

More specifically, it is the Foreign Assets Control Bureau (CFAO) that has taken action by attacking those who knowingly help North Korean pirates on American soil.

In other words, any financial entity that facilitates transactions for the benefit of North Korean hackers – they are not the only ones targeted – will face prosecution and face heavy financial penalties.

Strong tensions between the United States and North Korea?

A few months ago, the United States had shown that it wanted to reduce the freedom of action of North Korean hackers by unveiling several samples of code apparently derived from malware designed in North America. .

Strengthening sanctions against those who will facilitate the “work” of North Korean pirates in the United States confirms this trend.

But is it not likely to increase the tensions between the United States and North Korea rather than actually put the North Korean pirate groups in trouble?

The debate deserves to be asked …

Indeed, it is very unlikely that it is by doing so as Donald Trump and Kim Jung-Il sit together around a table to make real decisions in question of nuclear disarmament!