NSA Launches new Center for CyberSecurity standards Office


The much anticipated release of some sort of cybersecurity standard has finally arrived as The National Security Agency announced the official launch of the Center for Cybersecurity Standards (CCSS) in the Cybersecurity Directorate.

This new division will lead the NSA’s Cybersecurity mission to secure our National Security Systems and provide support to the Defense Industrial Base (DIB).

According to Neal Ziring, Technical Director for NSA Cybersecurity, “our goal is to create cybersecurity improvements through emerging opportunities by working with government partners like the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), international partners like Common Criteria, and industry groups to ensure future standards are both strong and practical, matching the level of security needed for each product.”

The U.S. Government has relied on commercial products to secure National Security Systems and will continue to need this partnerships. The CCSS will partner with these organizations to ensure security requirements are built into development processes.

“The rapid evolution of technology presents security challenges to all networks, including National Security Systems,” said Jessica Fitzgerald-McKay, CCSS Co-Lead. “Our engagement with standards bodies improves cybersecurity for the nation and our collaboration ensures vendors understand security requirements for NSS and the DIB.”

Currently, CCSS is participating in the development of standards in security protocols, cryptographic algorithms, cybersecurity automation, and platform resilience.

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