The Minister of the Economy is betting on the Dassault Systèmes (Outscale) / OVH ticket to relaunch a sovereign cloud offer.

The strategic plan is expected by the end of 2019.

Sovereign Cloud, episode 2

After the bitter failure of the first attempt in 2015, the government is determined to retry the adventure of creating a counterweight made in France to the dominant American mastodons (AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud ).

On the occasion of the conference Criteo IA Labs held in Paris on October 3, Bruno Lemaire announced that “France has engaged the companies Dassault Systemes and OVH to develop plans to break the domination of US companies in terms of cloud computing “says Reuters.

Sovereign cloud, the return

As in 2015, the goal is to loosen the grip of the Cloud Act that allows US authorities to access data located outside the United States, including  letters rogatory transmitted between courts, when they are hosted on platforms of their country, in this case the three market leaders.

“We have asked Dassault Systèmes and OVH to work on this project and we will have the first results in December 2019,” said the Minister of Finance.

With DS Outscale , the industrial group has a subsidiary dedicated to Cloud since 2017.

Bruno Lemaire said “the project would be carried out at the Franco-German level at first and possibly later at European level. ”