Paradise Ransomware Free Decryption Tool Released by Emsisoft

emsisoft release decryption tool

Researchers at Emsisoft have released a new free tool to decrypt files that have been encrypted by the Paradise ransomware.

In a post published by Emsisoft, they state that “The Paradise ransomware encrypts victims using Salsa20 and RSA-1024, and appends one of several extensions such as “.paradise”, “2ksys19”, “.p3rf0rm4”, and “.FC”.

Here is an example of a ransom note shared by experts at Emsisoft:

Filename = “—==%$$$OPEN_ME_UP$$$==—.txt”

Paradise Ransomware

Get the decryptor for the ransomware here:

Emsisoft Decryptor for Paradise

The anti-malware, anti-virus company has release many new free decryption tools and their research team has helped victims of many other threats.

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